Hiring Individuals With Disabilities

Health & Disability Advocates (2009) inspired the logo, “Think Beyond the Label” – A National Ad Campaign Promoting the Hiring of People with Disabilities is spearheading a collaborative of 30 states, which on February 1st, launched on a national ad campaign promoting the hiring of people with disabilities. The $4 million campaign is currently appearing on television, in print, on the Web, and on billboards throughout 2010. The goal of the humorous, edgy campaign is to change attitudes about hiring people with disabilities, raising awareness of the need for diversity in the workplace, and countering stereotypes about people with disabilities. Created by the Chicago-based ad agency Wirestone, “Think Beyond the Label” emphasizes that all workplaces accommodate difference—from the “copy-incapable” office worker to the “pattern-deficient” dresser to the man with “volume control syndrome” (i.e., the loud-talking employee). The campaign acknowledges that workforce diversity is an asset to small, medium, and large companies (Heath & Disability Advocates, 2009, p.1), (www.hdadvocates.org).


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