The Future For Those With Disabilites

Chinn (2008) and Rebick (2005) state; People with disabilities have seen major changes in the laws, the service system, and public attitudes in recent years. Communities have begun to see that people with disabilities have a right to fully participate in all aspects of life.  This awakening began, with great effort and behind-the-scenes preparation, because people with disabilities have decided for themselves it is time to use advocacy for change (Chinn, 2008, pp. 30-67) (Rebick, 2005, pp. 86-116). But despite society’s progress in the way it supports people with a disability, there is still a lot of unfairness, exclusion and general misunderstanding within the community. In many instances, people with a disability still do not have access to various buildings, services and community associations; which can be due to any number of reasons.

No matter what the issue is or what reason you are given for it not being what you want, you always have the right to ask why that is and what can be done about it.

Chinn (2008) explains; Evolvement is a commitment to growth where change and transformation are conscious and deliberate. Evolvement can be linked to the cycles of the moon where new and old; life and death, and all phases are ultimately one. Growth and transformations are valued and celebrated with each new cycle. You create your realities as you live them. There can be no mistakes, no disasters, only opportunities for re-creation (Chinn, 2008, pp.12-13).


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