My Personal Opinion On The Way People Look At Individuals With Disabilites

We as a Society have a habit of looking at Individuals who are different from ourselves as “not normal”, who are we to define who or what is considered “normal”?

We all have some sort of disability, whether it be we talk to fast or to slow, maybe we have troubles hearing things, writing, or maybe the way we interact with others etc.

I personally view all individuals as unique and it may only be my opinion but I feel that if we judge everyone that is different from what we consider to be “normal” when will that judgment turn back on ourselves?

Being an advocate for individuals with disabilities is a very rewarding task, for someone who has no one to stand up for them or just needs someone else to help, and advocate can have a positive impact on the lives of those whom they help.

I was given the opportunity to be an advocate for someone with severe mental disabilities and i was more than willing to be there for her every step of the way. The individual i was an advocate for could not speak so she voiced what she wanted through sign language (she did not know sign language so between her and myself, we developed signs so that she could communicate with me) and i fought for everything she wanted. Her wants and dreams to many of us might have been small but to her they were her whole life. All she wanted was the right to go swimming or to the movies etc, basically she wanted the right to live, and after many of months of fighting the community as well as her family, we achieved her goals and dreams! Today she is happy, i check on her every now and then and she still communicates with me in her own specials way. Her parents have also informed me that she is in better shape than she has ever been and they have never seen her smile so much!

Just knowing that i helped an individual with disabilities achieve her wants and dreams (however little we might see them), that is a big enough reward for me…

The next time you see someone who needs help, whether they have a disability or not, ask them if you can lend a hand. Watch the smile that comes across that individuals face. Just knowing that someone is willing to lend a hand, and that someone out there cares, can improve someone’s life in ways that are without words.


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  1. This site about the way people look @ individuals with any kind of disability hits home for me because since I had my back operation and can not do the things I used to do,I notice people kinda omit me from the fun things in life like,playing ball or swimming or just involving a person to participate in life.They look @ you with pity instead of hope and normal abilities.The way I see it if people could just get over themselves ,they probably could accept anything in life. I think this site has really good points and sensitivity and feelings for people with or without disabilities.An old saying that I live by is life is what you make it and I try to live life @ its fullest @ all times no matter what. Thank you for letting me know there is people out there that do understand how disability’s do play on a person.

  2. Hi
    I am 45 years old and I have been totally disabled for 10 years now. People treat me like I have the plague they stare and laugh they never come over and ask how I got hurt they just think I am a freak. I am glad to see that there is people out there that actually care about people like me and want to help with things that feel like a mountain to me but for people with out disability’s it just a mole hill. Everyday is a struggle but with people who care at least you know your not alone and all things are possible.

  3. Hi Nancy! Thank you for your encouraging website. Let’s help put a smile on one another’s face…God bless your kind soul. Cheerio.

    • Thank you very much for your kind comments… I am glad you enjoyed reading my blog 🙂
      If this blog helps just one person to understand more about people with disabilities or even helps someone with disabilities feel better about themselves or know that people do care, well then i have accomplished my goal…

      Thank you again for taking the time to read my blog and i appreciate the kind words.

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